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In-App And Playable Advertisements: Changing Mobile Ads

By CIOReview | Friday, March 22, 2019

To address the changing phenomena is always a challenge to the marketers. Due to technological advancements, customers’ demands and attitude change rapidly. Marketers have to be properly responsive to these demands to enjoy a leap from the competitors. Consumers’ reliance upon mobile has been increased on a large scale. They rely on mobile for everyday work. So, marketers have to think beyond apps and websites.

Smart voice assistants have become the need of the hour. According to a research by Pew Research Center, 46 percent of the U.S. adults use this platform to interact with their smartphone. ComScore suggests half of the web search will be voice-based within 2020. Today, it is very important to build and promote voice platform for better business.

The need for voice assistants will increase in the e-commerce sector. An online supermarket, Ocado is allowing its customer the opportunity to use voice assistant to confirm or cancel an order. Amazon allows voice command for some recommended brands. But, these companies have to move beyond the constraint and will have to allow the customers a full-fledged opportunity to use this platform. Google has made its assistant able to control a customer’s bank account. It pays the bill for the customer and provides him with a reminder of the last date.

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Today, mobile is deemed as the first choice for computing, and so, today the world is witnessing a slow but steady shift to mobile header bidding. It is going to set a new standard for mobile advertising. According to eMarketer, digital share of total marketing will be 50 percent of total marketing within 2020, and the total spending share of mobile will rise to 41.9 percent. Header bidding brings transparency and efficiency in the whole process of ad buying and selling.

The changing aspects of mobile advertisements need to be addressed here. The whole process of mobile advertisement has become more innovative and smart. According to Connext Digital, the number of app downloads in mobile is going to be increased from 197 billion in 2017 to 252 billion by 2022. So, in-app advertisement has become very important. Gaming companies are providing playable advertisements. It engages the users and quickly attracts the potential players. Mobile has indeed become a game changer in the arena of marketing.

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