Incremental Or Disruptive Innovation: What Do Cloud Service Providers Want?

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fremont: With tremendous innovation and advanced approach to products, services offered and capabilities can accelerate the growth of the cloud providers. They mainly utilize the incremental improvement approach which only addresses the current and existing trends, markets and customers. However, they need to realize that with this approach, they are only looking at growth temporarily. Alex Krikos reports for Forbes, that the service providers need to make use of innovative disruptive technology, which opens up new avenues in the market, and enthrall prospective new customers.

Cloud service providers need to understand that a mix of both incremental and disruptive technological innovations is what is required by them for long-term growth and to lead the race. While incremental improvement addresses the current market and customers, it also consists of small improvements to the existing products and services; disruptive improvement acts as the target for new, customers and technology, provide new products and services which was never available previously and which will interrupt the current market, trends and value network; and may be adopted by other companies in the industry.

Technologies that will drive disruptive innovation in the cloud are security and virtualization. There can be many innovative ideas which can be implemented by cloud service providers to address security privacy issues thereby ensuring that companies make a beeline for the products and services offered by the vendors. Advanced virtualization technology allows the users choose from the services, products, applications, and operating systems which they can run on the provider’s hardware, thereby reducing cost too.

Incremental and Disruptive technologies are important and crucial for the long term growth and which will ensure that the business does not get outdated. Cloud service providers must remember that new ideas of today will be history in the future. They need to remember that with incremental and disruptive improvements, they will always be at the top and will not be antique for years to come.