Industrial Automation Key Players AXOOM and Nebbiolo Deploy C-Labs for IoT
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Industrial Automation Key Players AXOOM and Nebbiolo Deploy C-Labs for IoT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FREMONT, CA: C-Labs, an Internet of Things (IoT) software developer for industries, has revealed that its Factory-Relay software was elected by AXOOM for industrial automation products, and by Nebbiolo Technologies for its Fog Computing System for process automation.

C-Labs – formulated to accord the most secure and simplest factory deployed automation software – caters industrial-grade Internet of Things (IoT) software solutions that are secure, scalable, and easy to use. Their approach caters a secure and IT compliant connection point as per the needs of customers to extend and adapt IoT implementation without compromising security or needing training of information technology or operations technology.

C-Labs is totally elated about the partnership with AXOOM and Nebbiolo to advance their industrial IoT solutions. Chris Muench, CEO, C-Labs extolled, “These customer and partnership wins industry demand for secure, simple and integrated IoT solutions that work right out of the box.”

AXOOM joined hands with C-Labs for its un-breach-able security and streamlined operational deployment. Florian Weigmann, MD, AXOOM, said, “IoT is one of the greatest opportunities for our customers, and C-Labs helps us deliver it securely and easily.”

IT integration and Security solutions of C-Labs were decisive factors in Nebbiolo’s election of C-Labs Factory-Relay software. “C-Labs extends our reach to a broader range of industrial equipment and protocols such as OPC UA, and simplifies the creation of industrial IoT solutions,” said Flavio Bonomi, CEO and Co-Founder of Nebbiolo Technologies.