Industrial Water Services Automates Critical Business Processes with Flowfinity Software
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Industrial Water Services Automates Critical Business Processes with Flowfinity Software

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The use of Flowfinity field service solution by Industrial Water Services, provider of water treatment systems, increases efficiency by reducing paper forms and automating business processes, according to a case study from Flowfinity. The software helps create workflow applications, job reports, scheduling, tracking deliveries and recording billable time of IWS.

An appropriate field service solution should cater to the various needs of a business. The aim of Industrial Water Services was to go paperless eliminating the worry of field technicians to look after stacks of paper. Another aim that IWS kept in mind was to streamline the scheduling process to track if the weekly jobs were completed or not. Flowfinity allowed IWS to migrate the existing forms and business workflows into an electronic format.

"When we make a new chemical and we need to add it to our mobile forms, Flowfinity enables us to make that change ourselves. It's very user friendly, and modifications to apps can be made by people who aren't programmers," says Lisa Valdespino, Service Manager, IWS.

The applications created by Flowfinity software for IWS can be used both in the office as well as in the field enabling technicians can browse customer information as well as add service information to the forms. Once the job is completed, it is signed by the customer and a PDF is mailed to the client. With updated records, this mobile system improves clarity and transparency.

Apart from scheduling and recording, IWS also uses Flowfinity for purchasing. When a technician requires any material or part he can directly feed it into Flowfinity after which the purchasing and accounts department will look after the purchase and payment using this software.

With Flowfinity software, IWS can save time by eliminating the herculean processes of tracking down paperwork, entering field data in spreadsheets and manually scheduling jobs. Automated reports provide measurements for every client’s system enabling IWS to spot any signs that may require maintenance.

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