Ineights Upgrades Its Project Management Software Platform To Minimize Construction Challenges
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Ineights Upgrades Its Project Management Software Platform To Minimize Construction Challenges

By CIOReview | Monday, July 11, 2022

InEight improves the capabilities of its open, integrated platform of project management solutions with a variety of subcontractor management capabilities, increased change-order management, and smart risk-assessment procedures.

Fremont, CA: Effective project management is essential for the on-time delivery of a construction project. A construction project manager must be prepared to tackle both anticipated and unanticipated obstacles in order to complete the project. InEight Inc., a global pioneer in construction project management software, has introduced its most recent software innovation as part of its ongoing program of software advancements. This round's enhancements enable greater real-time collaboration with subcontractors, provide contractors and owners with a better handle on change orders, provide contractor owners with a deeper understanding of cost and schedule risks and provide opportunities for integrating systems to optimize efficient project delivery.

“As the industry rises to the challenges of meeting the ever-growing demand for new construction, InEight remains committed to delivering innovative technology that enables organizations to scale and expand their operations through more effective, risk-adjusted planning and greater execution efficiency. These latest platform updates give owners and contractors the tools they need to overcome pressing challenges such as the labor shortage, positioning them to increase project delivery capacity without a requisite increase in experienced personnel,” comments Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight.

As part of these advancements, InEight has extended its digital time sheets to subcontractors, which are now brimming with essential information. In addition, a drawing comparison capability is now accessible, facilitating the identification of differences between revisions that could initiate an RFI procedure.