IneoQuest Revamps its Video Processing Workflows for Greater Efficiency

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

FREMONT, CA: IneoQuest Technologies, a global provider of video quality and audience behavioral intelligence solutions, recently announced the launch of Inspector LAB. This new test and measurement solution can simplify and accelerate the process of optimizing video content for Internet/Over-the Top (OTT) delivery to a wide array of viewer devices. Contemporary video providers are constantly renovating their content preparation and encoding technologies and workflows to remain competitive. The many hassles faced by providers include the greater use of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming, the shift to the HEVC codec for bandwidth, storage, and cost savings, and a complete re-architecting of the head-end workflow to address both linear and OTT needs. Inspector LAB was designed to help video providers negate these hassles.

Inspector LAB sports a key new technology in the form of IneoQuest—video quality scoring technology that effectively grades video streams in real time. This non-reference quality scoring model, iQ-MOS, lets streams under process for multi-screen delivery to be graded in real-time enabling encoder/transcoder users to immediately see the impact of changes they make. Real-time comparisons between virtual or appliance-based encoder/transcoder solutions from same or varied vendors can now easily accomplished. This further allows testing against a much broader portfolio of content types than was previously deemed possible. Moreover, encoder users and compressionists can tinker their encoder settings to optimize size reduction, cost savings as well as quality and viewer satisfaction.

"Compressionists currently check video quality using their expert visual acuity or machine-based reference-model scoring, in which software scores the compressed derivative version of a video against the original master copy. Both methods are time-consuming and neither work for live-streamed video content," said Kurt Michel, Sr. Marketing Director, IneoQuest. "Inspector LAB enables compressionists to not only score live streaming content, but also dramatically reduce scoring time compared to these visual and reference-based methods. By making scoring easier, Inspector LAB helps video providers deliver consistent, high-quality content every time."

Founded in 2001, IneoQuest was one of the pioneers in the development of Quality of Service (QoS) metrics for Video over IP. Over the years, IneoQuest has shifted from a lab focus to a 24/7 video assurance role in operational linear/IPTV networks. The massive growth of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming for OTT multiscreen delivery dictates that each program be streamed in multiple versions, all embedded with high quality encoding. Inspector LAB bridges the gap between IneoQuest's heritage and its current active-network quality assurance role, and can be used to benchmark its quality targets.

Video providers can better understand automated quality level benchmark testing at the network head-end through Inspector LAB's quality benchmarks and thus can compare that to measurements across the network to determine performance. Moreover, Inspector LAB offers further amenities to check consistent Quality of Service (QoS) needs of the downstream networks.