Inet-Logistics to Gain Accelerated Worldwide Transportation Management System Delivery by CDNetworks
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Inet-Logistics to Gain Accelerated Worldwide Transportation Management System Delivery by CDNetworks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

San Jose, CA: The global infrastructure of CDNetworks will be utilized to empower inet-logistics, a SaaS provider, for enhancing the web performance of its applications. The Transportation Management System offered by inet, manages and optimizes the full range of transportation management processes with a web-based platform that enables real-time networking of all supply chain participants. CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration service accelerates the response time of freight cost and transportation management software. The dynamic website content appears instantly and enhances user experience, efficiency, and ultimately the service delivery. Oswald Werle, CEO of inet-logistics, expects a major competitive advantage from the implementation of CDNetworks’ solution: “For a SaaS provider like us, the performance of our applications is an important selling point. That makes speed a critical concern. The people at CDNetworks thoroughly understood our technical requirements, and the positive results we got when we tested their solution won us over.”

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A plus point for inet-logistics’ employees is that they will have faster and more reliable access to centrally-stored data and applications. With its Dynamic Network Acceleration service, CDNetworks speeds up encrypted SSL-VPN connections. Moreover, the dynamic content of applications deployed across CDNetworks’ global Points of Presence illustrates that all inet-logistics employees will be empowered to access internal enterprise applications under optimal conditions. Since Dynamic Network Acceleration operates at the transport layer, there is no need to decode content, and hence, the outcome will be higher in efficiency and productivity.

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