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InfiniteDevices and Scalytics Partner to Develop an Open Source AIoT Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

InfiniteDevices collaborated with Scalytics to build an open-source AIoT platform, in addition to its commitment to the Open Source IoT platform.

FREMONT, CA: InfiniteDevices is happy to announce its latest strategic alliance with Scalytics, an open-source ML/AI-ops platform and maintainer of Apache Wayang, to build an open-source AIoT platform, in addition to its commitment to the Open Source IoT platform.

Global organizations are continually looking to develop their financial planning and reporting processes, often requiring personalized solutions. The rapid speed of change affects which framework or Infostructure to use. Stakeholders will have more choices to address their situation with this new collaboration, leveraging ML/AI partnered with frictionless IoT to allow data-driven AI for digital transformation.

InfiniteDevice and Scalytics work with the fusion of multiple major Open-Source frameworks to help companies across multiple industries adopt a scalable IoT platform based on Kubernetes designed to collect real-time data with any cloud or hybrid environment, and the Scalytics ML/AI-ops platform enables the user to use the best data analytics system at execution time.

Infinimesh and Wayang: Open Source AIoT Platform

In Open-Source networks, security gaps and weak points are still a big risk: "Our Open-Source platform Infinimesh is the first cloud-native, scalable IoT platform that guarantees 100 percent data privacy and data compliance for Wayang," said Alexander Alten, founder of infinimesh and executive president of Infinite Devices.

"The portability of IoT data between different platforms and safeguards against the classic lock-in effects of the current industry," says Bruno Kramm, Co-founder, and CEO of Infinite Devices. "Of course, the cooperation with Scalytics offers the unique opportunity to expand in the US market."

Apache Wayang (incubating) was built by the world's leading data scientists and serves the requirement of the increasing hybrid environments. "The AI-based open platform far exceeds the performance and management requirements by offering multiple frameworks to the user" said Al Basseri, Co-founder and CEO of Scalytics.