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Infiot Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding

By CIOReview | Monday, October 19, 2020
Parag Thakore, CEO

Parag Thakore, CEO

Infiot, an edge networking startup, has emerged from stealth with $15 Million funds.

FREMONT, CA: Infiot, a new networking startup that is led by tech veterans, has raised $15 million as funds in its series A round of funding. With the funds raised, the startup exits the stealth mode. The series A funding round was backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Neotribe Ventures, Westwave Capital, and Harpoon Ventures. Infiot is gaining a lot of traction in the networking market, and the popularity of this startup company is rising as its approach to edge networking and connectivity is new and dynamic. In addition, the technology of the internet of things is in high demand all the time.

With the outbreak of the novel COVID virus, the demand for remote working has been skyrocketing. This, in turn, marks a critical need for solid, reliable, and best networking and connectivity solutions. Infiot has its solution delivered over the cloud, and with this, the company can address the branch and data center deployment challenges. This startup has its offerings based on SaaS technology and further supports companies with business connectivity, security, and edge computing power, which is connected under a single roof.

Founded in 2018, Infiot is a provider of modern and state of the art networking solutions. The startup delivers its offerings on the cloud. Infiot is known for developing and offering intelligent solutions through its thin wireless edge access platform. The solutions offered by this company support wired, wireless and cellular connectivity as well. Infiot’s smart edge platform features high connectivity, quality, security, and also caters to the edge computing needs of remote users, devices, and sites all across the world.