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Infobonic's MoMe Kardia: Designed for Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blood circulation is a result of heartbeats and is critically dependent on the preceding electrical activation or impulse. Any disruptions caused in the orderly pattern in the propagation of this cardiac excitation wave can lead to arrhythmias. A recent study suggests that one out of every four American aged above 40 runs the chance of developing a case of cardiac arrhythmia. Though most of the arrhythmias aren’t life-threatening, one cannot completely rule out complications such as stroke, heart failure or even cardiac arrest.

Boston based digital health company Infobonic focused their efforts on creating solutions for cardiac arrhythmia monitoring. The approach is paying rich dividends today as the company has announced significant month over month subscription growth in excess of 35 percent. The lead offering, MoMe® Kardia, is used to diagnose as well as manage patients that are suspected to or are currently experiencing  cardiac arrhythmia. Thanks to their first and only deep learning Software as a Service (SaaS) remote cardiac monitoring platform, the product successfully replicates the in-hospital monitoring capabilities with full disclosure to cardiac data.

MoMe® Kardia has received positive feedback from physicians and patients alike. The complete control and full disclosure of the patient’s cardiac data allow physicians to make informed decisions about the health of the patient. In addition, the product offers enhanced patient compliance and comfort, thanks to the lightweight monitor in use during the monitoring period.

Moving forward, MoMe® Kardia indicates the potential it has to shift the market away from the legacy approaches to the ones that use third party service providers to offer monitoring and reporting capabilities. Additionally, Infobonic believes SaaS-based solutions will help position healthcare practices to adapt and compete with the up and coming value based systems.

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