InfoDesk's PipelinePlus 2.0 Facilitates Option to View Current Drug News

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

TARRYTOWN, NY: InfoDesk-a provider of business intelligence platform has announced the launch of version 2.0 of its PipelinePlus which can create, maintain and update drug pipeline visualization funnel charts.

Funnel charts provide an insight of graphic depiction of drugs in development by multiple companies and displays drug’s clinical development at each stage. Drug Pipeline is a set of drugs under development at any given point in time; it’s an important indicator of the future prospects of a company.

Drug pipeline research is time-consuming and difficult task. InfoDesk’s PipelinePlus simplifies the drug pipeline research by mapping the key taxonomies of commercial databases and deliver related drug news on single platform. It integrates internal data to allow user annotate individual drug and share customized records across organization as well as track drug development updates.

PipelinePlus 2.0 boasts enhanced user interface with better search capabilities, including a simplified Boolean search builder and users can search across databases for updates using filters like, date range , Drug Synonyms, Development Summary, mechanism of action and Drug Class enabling users to identify updated records within a given time period. It offers easy and agile access of multiple databases to compare and consolidate results.

PipelinePlus 2.0 delivers unified platform to retrieve, share and evaluate results of pipeline research, while constructing and optimizing pipeline customized system. It supports numerous business applications and operations within Pharmaceutical industry, such as licensing, strategic analysis and market search.