Infor Announces Enhanced Version of Infor LN

By CIOReview | Friday, April 3, 2015

NEW YORK. NY:  Infor, provider of business application software has announced an enhanced version of Infor LN  that delivers deeper vertical and micro-vertical functionality within manufacturing, helping customers to better align with business objectives and reducing the need for costly customization.

Infor LN is now multi-tenant enabled to support the industry specific needs of Infor CloudSuites. It is the enterprise backbone for automotive, aerospace & defense, high tech and industrial manufacturing. Infor believes that no two clouds are alike, so the latest iteration of Infor LN utilizes a tailored approach, helping customers focus on the unique manufacturing needs of their organization.

Some of the Key features include:

  • Core ERP Upgrades: The manufacturing update helps handling of quarantine inventory (rejected items), first article inspections and quality tracking via the product serial code. The procurement process features a new requisition workbench, designed with Hook & Loop, to help buyers make more informed vendor selections and speed up the requisition request process.
  • Industry Based Enhancements: Specific enhancements are added for all applicable micro-verticals, to help tailor functionality to specified needs of the industry. Infor LN now contains the product configuration management (PCM) tool, which enables graphical product configuration.
  • Revamped User Experience - The latest iteration of Infor LN provides significant upgrades to the user experience (UX). Infor LN now leverages HTML 5 in conjunction with Infor Ming.le, a comprehensive platform for social business collaboration. The pairing of an enhanced UX and more intuitive workflows can help to alleviate many day-to-day challenges and help support better decision-making. Users gain access to a singular view of the underlying data and various in-context analytics capabilities, such as analytics for the contract manager, project manager and quality manager, to further process these insights.