Infor Empowers Field Service Personnel to be More Productive with its New App Update

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Infor, an innovative enterprise applications solutions provider, has announced the update of its Field Service application, Mobility for Field Service (MFS). The new update include the ability for customers to use Infor M3 ERP system from anywhere via a mobile device.

The new release, MFS v15.1.0, displays assigned work orders of Infor M3 users in a clear format. Each assignment is highlighted with a colour-coded status indicator to show how far it has been processed and the work flow settings in it helps in planning their work in an efficient manner. 

The intuitive layout of key data in each assignment enables users to have quick and easy access to the information. Users can create up-to-date working approach with M3 in the field which helps in simplifying operations.

The mobile solution uses Infor ION (intelligent open network) middleware for transactional integration between the user’s mobile device and M3.  A run-time license for ION is provided to customers that are not currently using the middleware system.

MFS is currently available for tablets running on Android 4.4, Windows 8.1 or later and on personal computers running the Windows operating system. Support for the iOS operating system is currently planned during 2016.

Innovative Components Include:

Integration for Infor Document Management (IDM)

Customers will have a two-way flow of documents between Infor M3 and Infor MFS where documents related to equipment, items, services, work orders, and invoices in Infor M3 are available from the mobile device.

Interconnected Data Sourcing & Reporting

With Infor MFS, users can have access to the customer information like contacts, addresses, agreements, asset status, service history, or pending work. They can manage reports with a transaction view that helps in tracking individual time transactions, costs and other essential data.

Superior Application Tools

MFS offers administration toolbox for users providing greater flexibility to personalize the MFS screens with quick configurable feature.

"As the equipment-centric industries continue to evolve and modernize, the technologies that support day-to-day operations must also mature and keep pace with the user. It is with this in mind that we created Infor Mobility for Field Service, which facilities access to strategic data from wherever the user may be located," said Brian Dunks, product director, M3 Product Management, Infor. "This solution has been thoughtfully designed in response to the needs of our customers, to ensure that all users, including field technicians, are suitably equipped with the same high-quality tools that are utilized throughout the enterprise."