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Infor Launched Latest Update for Revenue Management Solution for Hospitality Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
John Flavin, EVP, Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions, Infor

John Flavin, EVP, Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions, Infor

New York: Infor unleashed the updated version of EzRMS 20.x, a revenue management solution, for hospitality industry which is equipped with enhanced optimizing and forecasting capabilities. With the latest version, companies can make decisions after comparing past and current data as Infor EzRMS involves data trends. Infor is well known for its business applications specialized for industries through cloud and with the latest upgrade the firm is revolutionizing the forecasting and optimization for hospitality with cross-industry science.

“Infor has invested in staying at the forefront of revenue management solutions, and by finding ways to harness the mass amounts of data available to the industry, is delivering an even more agile system that can help customers navigate through rapid changes in market conditions and demand trends. Leading organizations understand that a revenue management solution should not only allow its teams to be more strategic by automating routine forecasting and pricing tasks, but also by providing them with the accurate and real-time information.” said Bernard Ellis, Vice President, Industry Strategy, Infor Hospitality.

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The latest version is the outcome of collaboration between Infor EzRMS science team and Infor Dynamic Science Labs. EzRMS encompass adaptive learning framework with superior econometric methods which helps in comparing current and previous data. The new version is also featured with extended stay modeling by forecasting renewals along with long stay buckets. EzRMS also allows hospitality industry to forecast demand and adopt selling strategies suggested by the application.

“It is great to have a fresh look and feel, which is much more modern and up-to-date, and in line with our own hotel product. It is also good to see that not just the design has been improved, but that functionality as well as forecasting and optimization have also been enhanced,” said Berengere Brohan, Group Revenue Director, The Hoxton.

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