Infor Teams up with Polaris for Sustainable Business

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Software firm Infor enters into an alliance with Polaris Consulting & Services to enhance and support each other through mutual consent in terms of exchange of technology and services.

Polaris is a global technology provider specializing in digital transformation, and will be now providing its IT implementation to Infor LN customers across various sectors like manufacturing, retail, logistics, Telco, aerospace and defense, and public sector industries. Infor LN is an ERP solution provider that enables to manage areas of businesses in a cloud platform giving access to industry-specific KPI dashboards. It enhances global standards with controlled functionality to help organization improve efficiency and agility.

Polaris will also be upgrading its customer service efficiency and streamlining operation by using Infor improved micro-vertical functionality which will help create efficient applicantion for customer and create flexibility in deployment.

"Combining Infor's innovations with Polaris' experience with upgrading and modernizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, our alliance offers companies a best-of-breed solution to transform operations, improving performance and operating metrics," says Vikas Misra, Chief Client Officer of Enterprise Solutions at Polaris.