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Infrastructure as Code-tool of deployment

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2021

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is used to automate IT processes. IaC uses high-level or descriptive language in coding more versatile and adaptive and deployment processes. IaC came as a response to the difficulty posed from two pieces of technology as utility computing and second-generation web frameworks. The thought of modeling IaC to have the ability to design, implement, and deploy applications infrastructure with known software appealed to software developers and IT infrastructure administrators. The ability to treat it as code and using it like other software projects allows developers to deploy applications rapidly.

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The benefits of infrastructure as code (IaC): Software developers use IaC to deploy servers and applications rather than rely on system administrators. IaC goes through the same version control, automated testing continuous integration and delivery. Organizations can combine IaC with container, which abstract the application from the infrastructure at the operating-system level. IaC is ideal for putting together a system that can be redeployed effectively without any need for that much set up in each instance. Anything developed with IaC comes with the provision to tweak the source code for refinement.

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Implementing IaC: IaC is useful to DevOps and brings change in how DevOps consider deployment. It is necessary for the developing team to have a handful of things sorted out first while implementing IaC. There should be a DevOps culture within the environment and then an understanding and acceptance of agile coding built on the DevOps culture. Then the entire group has access to the tools to allow for automation. The developing team also should hold DevOps practices because it is the main reason to adopt IaC in the first place.

IaC is forming the spine of modern DevOps because it provides solutions that are pertinent to the profession. IaC offers a streamlined method for DevOps practitioners. IaC tools help to configure and automate the provisioning of infrastructure.