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Infusing Blockchain Technology into Artificial Intelligence

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 10, 2018

In our legal, political, and economic system, maintaining records of transactions and contracts and defining structures are eminent in order to set boundaries and protect assets. In recent years, blockchain technology has completely revolutionized the way enterprises do business. One of the important aspects that it follows is the decentralized architecture of centralized systems that are in operation today. This not only helps in making the operations faster and secure but also provides a transparent aspect to it. Researchers across the world claim that blockchain technology can transform artificial intelligence in a number of ways.

Artificial intelligence in its own ways has a huge dimension and provides a legion of applications under its umbrella. AI and blockchain share several similar characteristics that might ensure smooth and continuous interactions in the foreseeable future. For instance, the decentralized system of blockchain focuses on the gravity of data sharing between multiple clients and similarly AI relies heavily on big data. However, the algorithms generated are more reliable as the data are more open to analyze. Even from the security perspective, both blockchain and AI require a high intensity of security order to prevent any kind of catastrophic events. Moreover, blockchain presents a unique way to access data which is scattered on various sources as it introduces a concept of peer-to-peer connectivity. The decentralized architecture of blockchain serves as a digital ledger that identifies and validates data thereby making it frictionless in terms of conducting transactions. Additionally, the complementary combination of both the technology can open up the entire global trade arena by making investment seamless and secure.