Ingredion Introduces Pulsepedia to Provide Pulse Based Nutrition

By CIOReview | Monday, October 12, 2015

FREMONT, CA: With the emergence of ‘health consciousness’ among consumers, it has become imperative for food processing companies to focus on production of goods that can nurture the new trends. In order to water the plant of health consciousness, Ingredion has come up with a new tool called Pulsepedia, reports in Food and Drink Technology. This tool will provide food industries with information on pulse based proteins and flours to help them meet consumer demands of nutritious ingredients.

Pulsepedia aims to provide all the relevant information to the food processing companies to satisfy consumer needs that are health centric today. It provides all details on pulses starting from its benefits from new formulations to the claims they actually support. The Pulsepedia also provides information about pulse flours and matches various pulse properties for the right application and successful recipe formulation. The use of pulse ingredients will allow companies to manufacture healthy and nutritional products to satisfy their consumers.

“Using pulse flour or protein supports a clean label, provides a plant based protein alternative and enables ‘source of protein’ or ‘high protein’ claims to be made. In fact, manufacturers need to be aware of how pulse ingredients can help them achieve a wide range of claims including nutritional, gluten free, additive free, vegan, meat free, kosher and halal,” says Mona Rademacher, Marketing Manager, Ingredion.