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InnoMedia Unveils the BuddyTalk BT110, An Ideal Voice Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The BuddyTalk BT110 uniquely delivers highly desirable objectives through a collection of embedded technologies.

FREMONT, CA: InnoMedia, a leading supplier of VoIP communication devices, announces its newest Alexa Voice Service (AVS)powered speakerphone, the BuddyTalk BT110. With smart-speaker functionality enabled by AVS, BT110 provides customers a broad range of Alexa-based features. Besides, through the support of Alexa Communication (ACM), the BT110 enables voice-initiated calling using InnoMedia's internal SIP stack. A functional VoIP service provider's account can then be utilized for both inbound and outbound calls across the service provider's network coverage area.

The BT110 has many convenient call control mechanisms. They include utilizing voice commands, a tablet, a smartphone app, an integrated touch panel on the device, or a standard telephone.  While in calls, users can communicate either using the hands-free speakerphone or with a smartphone or telephone handset for added privacy.

All BuddyTalk devices provide an excellent audio experience by using high-quality codecs, advanced acoustic processing, and network impairment managing. BuddyTalk calls are also highly protected, applying HTTPS and TLS protection for messages and signaling exchanges, and SRTP/ZRTP/SDES for voice media. The BT110 offers an optimal experience for the user while meeting today's flexible communication needs. This new product leverages a partnership with Amazon and InnoMedia's decades of experience providing commercial-grade voice products to service operators.

The Paramount user experience is the smart speaker functionality in the BT110, which is integrated with an Alexa Built-in product and an Amazon Alexa Voice Service and Alexa Communication qualified platform.

InnoMedia is a multinational company with operations in the US, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, offering Broadband IP Telephony solutions, SIP Trunking Enterprise Session Border Controller (ESBC) platforms voice-powered intelligent speakerphones for homes and offices.