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Innovations Triggering the Creation of Energy 4.0

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

The energy industry is undergoing a massive transformation driven by advanced technologies set to move the boundaries of the conventional energy supply channels.

FREMONT, CA: Advances in technology promise remedies to some of the biggest hurdles faced by the energy industry. The power and utility industry presently relies on the low costs and lower emissions profile of natural gas, which serves as the vital baseload fuel for electric power companies. Here is some of the most interesting innovations that trigger the creation of the modern energy industry.

Having the ability to just as drastically transform the energy sector, innovative technology has spared the energy sector and stamped the inception of the industry's digital revival. Seeing the potency of advanced technology within other sectors, the energy sector didn’t hesitate to adopt emerging tech-trends including the Internet of Thing

s (IoT), Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and the highly spoken, Digital Twin technology. Technology has reinvented how energy and utility firms conduct business, engage with their customers interact with them. From a technical perspective, it has improved the operation flow and performance optimization and has contributed towards developing smart grids, better managed renewable energy, and cohesively distributed generation.

The idea of IoT and its capabilities have been extensively discussed. This smart network of physical devices, including sensors, electronics, actuators, and connectivity assets, enables integrating the physical world with computer systems. Energy 4.0 refers to the adaptation of technology like Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning to use sensor data, automation, and the interaction between machines to enhance operational performance. Regarding energy and utility management, the input of IoT is recognized through an extension of capacity for collection, communication, and storage of large quantities of data related to the generation, consumption, and transformation of energy inputs.

Enabled by the digital reinvention of the energy industry, the world is well underway to see a future where social innovation will adopt renewables into smart grids and generate clean and reliable energy sources. By offering more sustainable alternatives, the energy sector triggers consumers to foster a culture for environmentally-friendly adaptations and actively manages climate change challenges.