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Innovative Business Process Mining and Intelligence AI Software Reaches North America to Help Tackle COVID-19 Resurgence

By CIOReview | Friday, August 14, 2020

Paris-based start-up Livejourney, a business process mining, and intelligence technology specialist, launches its North American headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

FREMONT, CA: The international expansion starts after a ‚¬2 million first-round financing from the investors Newfund Capital, EVOLEM, and Holnest and in a partnership with Denver-based Purple Ocean Ventures.

Formulated in 2016, the profitable French start-up deploys AI-patented software and consulting to analyze end-to-end business processes to improve operational efficiencies and generate significant productivity and profitability gains. The ability to provide highly complex, world-class organizations with a real-time global vision of all of their processes past, present, and predictive in one platform is why its client roster includes L'Or©al, Orange, McKesson, Renault, La Poste, McKesson, and EDF, to name a few. The pandemic has augmented the company's development and expedited its worldwide expansion.

"COVID-19 has brought process resiliency and agility to the forefront," says Livejourney's CEO and Co-Founder Simon Pioche. "Companies were forced to quickly answer the question: is my process stable, is it holding up? Our next-generation process mining software is uniquely positioned to help companies take advantage of this game-changing technology during these turbulent times."

Livejourney's immediate North American interest is on mission-critical operational solutions for organizations that have experienced first-hand the costly and challenging truth, as a bi-product of the pandemic, that process perception is predominantly not processed reality.

"The pandemic has divided companies into one of three categories: those decimated by it, those accelerated by it, and those vacillating as a result of it. Regardless of the classification, every organization now needs a mission-critical, laser focus on operational transparency, efficiency, and performance," said Lauren Raisl, Chief Strategy Officer, Livejourney North America.

"It's a new, complex, and adaptive world. In these uncertain times, the only business absolute is time and we believe the future will belong to those companies that transform time into business agility and resiliency," says Pioche. "Our software helps companies do just that by utilizing time-stamped event logs to allow operational business users to analyze, act on, and anticipate business processes in real time," addsPioche.

Livejourney addresses the pandemic crisis in North America with the advent of its "Pandemic Performance Package." The solution enables the discovery of operational performance throughout the past (pre-pandemic), present, and predictive dimensions. The AI-patented predictive analysis tool is first-to-market, allowing companies to anticipate anomalies and prevent defects and non-conformities before implementing a new process.

"We designed the Pandemic Performance Package with a focus on helping companies future-proof their business in a manner reflective of the times nimble, proactive, cost effective, and most importantly, built with an intuitive gaming interface that allows the non-technical business operator to make an immediate impact on their organization," said Livejourney's NA Chief Business Officer, Brian Raisl.