InPulse Telematics Solution Makes Way for Smarter Telematics Services

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
Nino Tarantino, CEO of Octo Telematics North America

Nino Tarantino, CEO of Octo Telematics North America

FREMONT, CA: Octo Telematics, a telematics service provider for insurance and automotive firms has introduced InPulse, an integrated telematics solution for the management of off-highway vehicles. The telematics solution will increase the data and analytics available to fleet owners, OEMs and insurance companies for off road vehicles. The move will ensure safety and cost management to the firm that relies on increased efficiency, versatility and reliability.

The off-highway vehicles, requires devices that can fill the gap between local connectivity and remote infrastructure. InPulse addresses to these issue by providing expanded network of sensors and smart control units to improvise over conventional systems for recording, sharing and data protection.

The InPulse solution provides instant feedback from a hardware solution with extended suite of sensors; it also posses the ability to collect actionable data and detailed analysis. “Green Box” is an Inpulse hardware element product line, promoted as a combined effort product of Octo Telematics in integration with AMA Spa. It supplies components for off-road vehicles and STE industries, the wireless sensor solution.

"Partnering with AMA and STE Industries, both leaders in their fields, we have been able to produce a unique and innovative telematics solution to the management of off-highway vehicles” asserts Edwin Maria Colella, Octo Telematics Vice President Special Customer Projects.

The ability of the InPulse solution to collect and manage high level data allows owners and operators to make safe decisions about the equipment. Leveraging telematics for off-highway vehicles enhances the total cost of ownership, mainly in the field of construction, mining, industrial development and agricultural equipment.

The firm delivers a telematic solution, which has the ability to collect information from multiple sensors, collate and send the information via wireless or wired to Octa teleamtics Datacenter for analysis. Octa teleamtics includes Kernel Module processor that is combined within InPulse GreenBox. It is then made available to analytic partners like OEMs, insurance companies and fleet managers for deployment.

The GreenBox comprises of CAN-bus ports, integrated ISOBUS and j1939 stacks for connecting wired sensors. Furthermore, it analyses data collected by the sensors and Micro.SP a patented STE technology for wireless sensor fusion.