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Insane Impact Adds to MAX Product Offering with New Screen Sizes

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2020

With the increased assortment of sizes, Insane Impact's MAX Mobile LED products to keep pace with the variety of experiences and events.

FREMONT, CA: Insane Impact, the nation's pioneering provider of retail mobile LED display systems, announces two new sizes to their MAX Mobile LED product lineup, the MAX 2012 and MAX 2313.  These products are the largest in the lineup with true HD resolutions and weather-durable design, turnkey solution, and user-friendliness customers experience with any of the MAX models.

The large sizes of these screens, combined with the high pixel densities, allow Insane Impact to reach resolutions at degrees rarely seen in the industry. The image detail of the latest products combined with the size factor is something that users need to see in person to truly appreciate.  The screens are created as two separate interlocking segments, enabling safe road travel, and can be comfortably seen from up to 500 feet away.

Insane's product continues to evolve to meet the demand of the marketplace. The company has recently seen an increase in demand for larger screens on the open platform trailer design. As a result, Insane released two new sizes. With the expanded assortment of sizes, Insane Impact's MAX Mobile LED screens to meet the needs of several experiences.

The MAX 127 is Insane Impact's leading product, has a screen size of 12'x7', and it is a popular choice for small to medium-sized events. A 15'x8', the MAX XL, can be utilized for large and small events alike. The 17'x10' screen is large to be seen from 300 ft. away, making it the best option for larger productions. The MAX 2012 has a 1280p HD resolution and is among the largest of its kind, and the giant HD MAX 2313 can be seen from distances of over 500 ft. away.

Insane Impact is a deliverer of LED screens for rent, sale, and deployment. Its mission is to create community and improve experiences with industry-leading products and services.