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Intact Partners Inc Unveils Intact Defense

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Intact Partners Inc has introduced Intact Defense to lead and enable the delivery of Microsoft cloud technology solutions to the Federal Government and Department of Defense.

FREMONT, CA: Intact Partners Inc., a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Direct Reseller, has announced the merger with a new subsidiary, Intact Defense, to lead and enable the delivery of 100% Microsoft cloud technology solutions to the Federal Government and Department of Defense.

According to J. Larry Aultman, CEO of Intact, "With the Department of Defense's move toward machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the cloud, the time was right to focus on those markets with our 100% Microsoft products and capabilities.The establishment of Intact Defense lets our customers know that we are laser-focused on the needs of Federal and Department of Defense entities in migrating to Microsoft Azure cloud services. Intact Defense is a company dedicated entirely to this specialized and highly important sector."

The team which has full access and capability to use data will succeed and win. Furthermore, Intact Defense's ReAccess and PowerLine cloud services will streamline application migration to Microsoft Azure cloud services. ReAccess can reconstruct the present database applications as fully compliant Microsoft Azure Government applications in as little as two hours by using its no-code app builder. The PowerLine offers application design and delivery for database, storage, compute, security, and network services. Furthermore, the PowerLine cloud service can always remain on and available to be used without configuration, encrypted at rest, making sure data is still secure.

"Intact Defense has been established to provide the soldier, sailor, marine, airman, coast guardsman, and federal worker with the tools they need to allow them to accelerate into the heart of the 21st century and bring benefit to the Federal Government, Department of Defense and our nation," said Brian Killough, CEO of Intact Defense. "Our solutions are the answer to the Microsoft mission and vision 'empower everyone everywhere to achieve more.' I'm pleased to be on board and guide Intact Defense toward problem-solving application migration for these critical organizations."