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Integrating Digital Innovation at the Chief Digital Officer Forum 2017

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 4, 2017

FREMONT, CA: Innovation Enterprise will play host to the upcoming Chief Digital Officer Forum taking place in London on 27 & 28 April. Delegates will have the opportunity to connect with 100+ senior digital executives.

The Chief Digital Officer is surely one of business’ most versatile roles. An ever-changing technological landscape means that the CDO has to be not only aware of developments but ready to act on them decisively. As the importance of digital in business continues to grow, so does that of the CDO. This multi-faceted position demands someone fully informed and up to date with emerging trends.

The role of the CDO has changed significantly since its conception. Where once there was the joke that a CDO’s role is to make themselves redundant, it now commands a spot in the board room and is arguably one of the more important members of any organisation. Digital affects everything from internal working practices like product development to customer interactions like e-commerce checkouts. But social media platforms are equally important to any digital strategy. Identifying and exploiting new trends in digital customer engagement platforms, like Snapchat, can generate exposure among otherwise difficult to reach audiences, and no brand should miss the opportunity.

Machine learning technologies like chatbots and more developed personalisation systems have the potential to revolutionise the way customers interact with companies, and vice versa. The digital experience is becoming an ever more fundamental part of a customer’s relationship with a brand, and getting it right should be at the top of the list for digital teams. If emerging tech can add more value to that experience, companies need to learn how best to deploy it.

This 27-28 April, Stamford Bridge will be home to the Chief Digital Officer Forum, a two-day event hosted by Innovation Enterprise. Attendees will be given insight into the working practices of digital executives from the BBC, Phillips, the NHS, Lloyds, News UK, Comic Relief, Age UK, and many more. The event will cover all things digital, from innovation in large enterprises, to the future of the customer’s digital experience.

On top of the insight from digital’s leading voices, the summit will provide opportunities for attendees to meet, discuss the industry and share ideas with other executive-level decision makers. Through panel discussions and organised networking sessions, the summit will ensure that every attendee has the opportunity to be heard and potentially find the next great solution for their company.