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Integration of technology in Human Resources: Advanced HR functions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Human Resource Management has established itself as a mammoth in organizations. It aims at improving the working condition of employees. For this reason, this sector has experienced exponential growth in the recent years. With technology dominating conventional ways of business, the HR department has also been a victim of this engulfing paradigm. The technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence have changed the operations of the HR department in a positive way.

With the ratification of these new ideas, HR personnel is now able to handle employee operations more proficiently. The algorithms which run in the systems can now be used to predict employee attritions. With the adoption of AI and ML, advanced processes can be incorporated soon.

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The new, technology-enabled platforms can be used to trigger innovations in the recruitment system as candidates can be tracked throughout their interviews. The concept of digital HR has molded the comprehensive manual HR solutions. Many companies nowadays prefer mobile HR platforms as they encourage advanced connectivity and flexibility. Predictive HR analytics has become quite important these days as this new trend can be used to understand people related trends, which can be useful in organizing workforce data. It also provides crucial information for employee performance rating. The evolution of BYOD has also been another pillar which has supported the implementation of technology in HR functions.

The onset of these technologies not only strengthens the HR services of an organization but also aids them by increasing productivity, revenues, and employee satisfaction.   

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