Intel Adds Omni Path Architecture; Paves Way for HPCs

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA: In order to bring high performance computing (HPC) in the limelight of enterprises, Intel revamps its Scalable System Framework by adding omni-path architecture- HPC optimized fabric technology to make HPC performance accessible to a variety of users. It is an end-to-end solution of PCle adapters, silicon, switches, cables and management software.

Intel SSF is designed to enable scalable, flexible and balanced HPC systems. Built on the combination of enhanced IP and Intel technology, Omni Path architecture (OPA) is compatible with existing Intel True Scale Fabric and Infiniband APIs. It broadens the accessibility of HPC to more industries and workloads by offering easy procurement, deployment and management of HPC systems.

With the rapid growth of HPC in every sector today, the demand for HPC has also increased. Intel has introduced the OPA to fulfill this demand that comes with fabric tools to readily install, verify and manage fabrics at all levels. It provides features CPU and fabric integration for increased computing density, reliability and reduced power.

Other features of Intel OPA include adaptive routing that monitors performance of paths between fabric end points and chooses the appropriate path to rebalance the packet load. Moreover, it offers dispersive routing to optimize quality of services; packet integrity protection allowing rapid and transparent recovery of transmission errors and dynamic lane scaling enabling continuity of operation if one or more lanes of a 4x link fail.

"System-level innovations in processing, memory, software and fabric technologies are enabling system capabilities to be designed and optimized for different usages, from traditional HPC to the emerging world of big data analytics and everything in between. We believe the Intel Scalable System Framework is the path forward for designing and delivering the next generation of systems for the 'HPC everywhere' era," says Charlie Wuischpard, VP and GM, HPC Platform Group, Intel.