Intel Labs China's Robot 4.0 Platform To Use Congatec Modules
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Intel Labs China's Robot 4.0 Platform To Use Congatec Modules

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 26, 2022

congatec modules are the driving force of Intel Labs China's Robot 4.0 platform for teaching and research.

FREMONT, CA: “We are excited to be an elementary part of Intel Labs Chinas HERO ecosystem. Robotics 4.0 is a truly progressive and forward-looking technology area, especially in combination with AI and the OpenVINO toolkit that facilitate the optimization of a deep learning model on Intels heterogeneous computing hardware," states Becky Lin, Country Manager China at congatec. Intel Labs China has selected congatec COM Express modules for easy and efficient design-in and flexible processor scalability in its Heterogeneous, Extensible Robot Open (HERO) platform, as stated by congatec, a primary provider of embedded and edge computing technologies. The Robot 4.0 platform integrates artificial intelligence (AI) for research, education, and experimental purposes. It was developed by the Autonomous System Lab of Intel Labs China to simplify and accelerate the development of next-generation IoT-connected service robots, retail robots, and autonomous vehicles. The open platform integrates Intel's heterogeneous CPU technology with Intel's OpenVINO AI toolset and provides a comprehensive suite of software libraries for localization, navigation, planning, and human-robot interaction. In this scenario, congatec COM Express modules offer performance scalability from low-power Intel Atom CPUs to high-end Intel Xeon processors. The standard setup employs conga-TC370 Computer-on-Modules with 8th Generation Intel Core SoC processors.

“This is where the congatec COM Express modules really demonstrate their potential since flexible edge computing platforms are a paradigm of Robotics 4.0,” adds Becky Lin.

The global robots market reached 23,7 billion US dollars in 2020 and is projected to reach 74 billion US dollars by 2026, expanding by approximately 20 percent. Developing the spectrum of jobs and applications requires robots with increased flexibility, autonomy, and rapid configurability for the market to continue its rapid expansion. This necessitates enormous computing power with minimal latency, making real-time edge computing a crucial technology.

"HERO is a compact and heterogeneous low-power, high-performance system platform solution that Intel Labs China built specifically for the development of intelligent robots " such as service robots, retail robots, self-driving cars, etc.," comments Dr. Song Jijiang, VP, Director of Intel Labs China "After three years of continuous development, and thanks to the heterogeneous and open approach, HERO is now a perfect development platform for a wide range of Robotics 4.0 projects. Going forward, the Intel Labs China will continue its focus on the four main areas of artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation, wireless data communication, and service robotics, collaborating with industry, universities, and research partners to fully leverage the value of data and jointly drive the digital transformation of industry."