Intel Willing to Buy Digital Circuit Manufacturer, Altera: Report

By CIOReview | Monday, March 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Intel has its eyes locked on Altera, a company that builds programmable logic device and complex digital circuits. “Intel Corp. is in advanced talks to buy chip partner Altera Corp.,” reports Dana Mattioli, Dana Cimilluca, and Don Clark for The Wall Street Journal.

The computing platforms have evolved. As much of the computation today is carried out on smartphones and tablets, Intel’s market share seems to be shackled as it’s battery of products are tailored mainly for desktops and servers. Though the demand for servers is still upbeat largely due to the increasing  adoption of cloud computing, IoT, and mobility, the focus on reduced power consumption to better monetize massive data centers undercuts Intel’s interests. Bottom line: Intel needs to have smarter technology that stands up to the demands of the modern technology driven world.

Why Altera?
The low power consuming computing solutions from Altera enables electronics architects to innovate in a cost effective manner. The company offers programming solutions including Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), System on Chips (SoCs), ASICs, and it also offers tools for power management.

With these solutions, the company has been serving industries such as: telecom and wireless – in cellular basestations, access systems, MANs, optical networks; Military – in guidance and control systems, radar systems; Automotive – car entertainment systems, navigation systems; Industrial automation – in energy management systems, manufacturing equipment; IT environments – routers, switches, mainframes, servers; and more.

Also, the market is increasingly showing its inclination towards solutions that offer increased compute performance alongside lower power consumption and as such Altera’s programmable solutions perfectly fit the bill. 

The two companies came together as partners back in March 2014 where they announced a joint effort to develop multi-die devices including highest density monolithic FPGA die. This deal saw the coming together of Intel’s package and assembly capabilities and Altera’s programmable logic technology.

Altera has expertise in FPGA and SoC technologies. As demand picked up for simpler, smarter computing platforms, Altera has its hands full with customers from diverse industry verticals in its kitty. It implements FPGA technology which has several benefits including: simpler design cycle, faster time to market, more predictable project cycle, reliability, and no upfront non-recurring expenses.