Intelemage Debuts Advancements in Medical Image Sharing Software to Enhance Healthcare Sector

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Intelemage, an industry which sets the standard of medical image collaboration solutions, has announced the release of InteleGrid v4.1, an updated version of its cross-enterprise image sharing, telehealth, and advanced workflow software, with a new workflow engine and advanced mobile video capabilities.

InteleGrid is approved and helps to exchange medical images and clinical data among different health care institutions, life science companies, physicians, and patients. The enhanced InteleGridv4.1 platform provides a typical image sharing platform, data sharing solution to manage day-to-day clinical operations and true clinical workflow in the healthcare sector.

InteleGridv4.1 has the ability to meet the major needs of clinical projects and it also allows users to exchange data by leveraging a wide range of methods including PACS integration, secure Web uploads HL7 interfaces, secure photography, and live video.

InteleGrid v4.1 also offers an advanced app for mobile devices. The technology shares DICOM, non-DICOM images and clinical data to provide more secure, real-time multisite video streaming anytime and anywhere. Photos can be captured, encrypted, and transmitted without ever residing on the mobile device itself.

“The InteleGrid v4.1 puts all of that power in the hands of its users so that changes to current initiatives, as well as the implementation of new initiatives, can be done at a much lower cost and in the most efficient manner possible,” says Jason Wickes, Vice President of Hospital Solutions for Intelemage.