IntelePeer's Atmosphere Scripting and Order Entry Solution Enhances ROI for Call Centers

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2016

SAN MATEO, CA: A user-friendly scripting solution is desired by businesses, particularly call centers to streamline their internal processes. Addressing the need for the same, IntelePeer, the Cloud Communications Company announced their plans to expand the Atmosphere portfolio designed to help call centers and enterprises who want to increase sales or enhance customer service experience. The expansion is inclusive of a new scripting solution and an order entry application.

Denise Deptula, Senior Product Manager, IntelePeer says, “Atmosphere Scripting and Order Entry is the first of its kind as it requires absolutely no programming, giving users the autonomy to create and distribute scripts immediately without requiring IT resources and support. And because it is call agnostic with Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and call routing systems, it can be used in any environment.”

In 2015, the Atmosphere platform was acquired by Advantone, a technology service provider for the direct response industry and more. Advantone delivers powerful solutions aimed at improving contact center customer experience. The latest additions from IntelePeer for the Atmosphere contact center management platform assists in delivering cost effective, flexible, and competitive edge services. Some of the services introduced as part of the latest changes include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Virtual Automated Call Distributor (VACD), Virtual Predictive Dialer (VPD), Cloud Routing, and SMS/Email applications. The Scripting and Order Entry solution gives better results when used in conjunction with IntelePeer’s other features, and the utility of the solution stretches to ACD or call routing system.

The Atmosphere Scripting and Order Entry is a robust solution that packs an array of useful features. The solution showcases easy integration with the company’s workflow so that enterprises and call centers can use it from any system, including CRM platforms. Deployment becomes swift as the absence of programming enables users to create, preview and implement scripts without seeking IT support. The solution also combines simple customization features as users can cut and paste script messages, post them in the platform screen and easily customize by screen format, script or individual page.

In large Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) set ups, users can exercise control over data capture and output due to presence of import capabilities, portraying flexible management. The solution also extracts valuable insight from media sourcing activities, inclusive of ability to schedule changes, extract files and effectively report.

“Intelepeer's new Atmosphere scripting and order entry system is a quantum leap in scripting technology - offering powerful tools and flows to create simple to complex custom telemarketing scripts with ease,” claims John Stones, President, Your DRTV.