Intelis and Consolidated CCS to Merge Under Terabyte Holdings

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Intelis and Consolidated CCS (CCCS) have agreed to merge under Terabyte Holdings with effect from 1st January, 2016.  The merger between Intelis, provider of fully supported Operator Services (OS) platforms and Consolidated CCS, the wholesale Operator Services supplier, offer considerable benefits to both the companies as well as customers.

The merger provides CCCS with further competitive advantage in the U.S. market with access to the intellectual property and development for the Intelis OS and Directory Assistance platforms. Customers will now benefit from a single partner for outsourced Operator Services and Directory Assistance offering both hosted and premise-based platforms.

“Intelis is known for our ability to quickly add enhancements and new revenue-generating applications to their premise-based Operator Services switching platform which CCCS has in service. Now that Intelis and Consolidated CCS are working together, telephone companies have a single source for DA and OS as an outsourced service provider, a hosted platform, or a manufacturer of premise-based switching equipment,” stated John Marshall, President, Intelis.

Both, Intelis and CCCS will continue to operate independently under the umbrella of Terabyte Holdings. Greg Hagerman, Principal, Consolidated Call Center Services (CCS) adds,  “With this merger, the addition of Intelis’ proven engineering capability to Consolidated CCS’ established infrastructure insures our customers will be best served in the long run.”