Intelledox Collaborates with NCS Technologies to Drive Digital Transformation in Insurance and Financial Services
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Intelledox Collaborates with NCS Technologies to Drive Digital Transformation in Insurance and Financial Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: In a major development, Intelledox has joined hands with NCS Technologies, a Customer Experience (CX) solution provider. Global digital transformation software organization, Intelledox will help NCS Technologies in strengthening its CX service offerings by allowing the latter to incorporate it’s suite of digital transformation software.

NCS Technologies has helped major insurance and financial services industry brands in the past to reform and leverage their customer experience and thus has an extensive experience in this industry. The robust and flexible SmartForms-building platform of Intelledox Infiniti will be integrated with the CX capabilities of NCS Technologies which will then be leveraged for providing Digital Transformation in the Insurance and Financial filed.

While the main role of NCS Technologies in this collaboration will be to provide the design, development, delivery and deployment services for successful implementation. “Intelledox is pleased to partner with NCS and is committed to providing outstanding digital solutions. As an Intelledox Solutions Partner, NCS Technologies will work with companies looking to modernize and automate their customer experience. The US market  focus for both brands are closely aligned making this partnership natural and symbiotic,” said Rodney Frye, President, Intelledox.

NCS Technologies benefits a brand in many ways, such as in improving time-to-market, in decreasing costs, and in increasing revenue and profitability. Intelledox and NCS Technologies alliance will be very profitable for organizations dwelling in the insurance and finance field as the Insurers, banks, manufacturers, education, and government agencies will be powered in transforming manual, forms-based processes into intuitive, guided digital experiences for their respective customers and producers. “We at NCS constantly endeavor to provide the best-in-class digital solutions to help companies replace manual back office processes. Our partnership with Intelledox enables us to empower our clients with a user-friendly, adaptive and intuitive Digital Transformation platform,” concluded Antonio Orrico, CEO, NCS Technologies.

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