Interfacing Technology acquires Webware HeyBubble

By CIOReview | Monday, September 21, 2015

MONTREAL, CN: Business process management and design solutions provider, Interfacing Technologies Corporation unveils recent acquisition of a web live chat software named HeyBubble. This deal provides more vitality to Interfacing’s portfolio by the addition of SMBs from diversified industries to its enterprise customer base through HeyBubble’s SAAS based sales and support live chat application.

Scott Armstrong, COO at Interfacing lists out the reasons for shortlisting HeyBubble and mentions about the innovations they saw in their product which includes its differentiating Skype integration, mobile compatibility and advanced analytics. He also mentions about HeyBubble’s excellence when it comes to providing value to its customers, which makes them to look forward on building this product and propel the product to the masses. He also insists on how the partnership growth strategy will benefit all their existing and similar customers along with catering to their corporate clientele as well.

HeyBubble sees its dawn back in 2011 stationed at Paris, France from where it restationed itself to New York City in the year 2012. Since then they’ve known to have raised two rounds of startup seed funding valued over four hundred thousand dollars. HeyBubble will now be based in the newly expanded Interfacing’s Montreal operations. However, HeyBubble will be continued to be sold as an independent live chat application branded under HeyBubble, but the perks from Interfacing’s experienced product development, sales and marketing teams clasps on. As per sources Interfacing is making heavy investments on HeyBubble which will soon be seen as new capabilities are added to the HeyBubble platform.