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Internet Brands Chooses AnyClip's Luminous Platform to Fuel Video Strategy

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Gil Becker, CEO

Gil Becker, CEO

Media conglomerate taps the AnyClip's AI-powered video technology in an exclusive partnership targeting audience engagement and revenue growth.

FREMONT, CA: AnyClip Inc., a video content data and technology company, has announced that the online media and software services organization, Internet Brands, has selected its Luminous platform to power video throughout its automotive and travel properties.

The partnership massively expands on a successful pilot program that started in early 2020, during which Internet Brands tested numerous video player technologies from AnyClip's Luminous Platform and used the company's data and monetization services to successfully capture the audience's attention and monetize video plays throughout a selection of its sites. After comparing AnyClip's performance against various other platforms, Internet Brands chose to develop the relationship -- using AnyClip's Luminous Platform exclusively -- showing its superior audience and the revenue uplift.

With regard to the terms of the new deal, AnyClip will play a more significant role in Internet Brands' video strategy. It will also integrate Luminous Platform players across over 100 domains, including editorial sites like and, and also associate the forums and ecommerce destinations. Internet Brands will use AnyClip's recently-launched Luminous Watch video-on-demand (VOD) platform to offer the audiences curated video experiences that match the look and feel of the leading streaming services. From a business perspective, AnyClip will offer more full-service ad operations support to Internet Brands, managing the company's direct-sold video demand channels, offering additional demand for the portfolio's video inventory and finally allowing Internet Brands to increase the revenue through more holistic management of their video strategy throughout their portfolio verticals.

"Internet Brands provides a perfect example of how innovation is critical for competitive advantage, especially during challenging times," said Gil Becker, CEO of AnyClip. "By offering better viewing experiences, leveraging automation and tapping into our advertising expertise, they are well-positioned to grow their audiences and their bottom line by working smarter, not harder."

"As a portfolio covering a variety of content verticals, we are always looking for ways to better serve our audiences' unique passions and interests," said Judson Penumaka, Director for Programmatic Strategy and Revenue of Internet Brands. "We were pleased with the results we saw while using AnyClip's Luminous X player earlier this year: Our readers found the recommended videos relevant, which helped improve user engagement and revenue."

As the partnership progresses, AnyClip and Internet Brands will work together to develop additional, proprietary solutions that will further grow user engagement and optimize business performance.