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Internet of Things Empowering Various Business Industries

By CIOReview | Friday, February 22, 2019

Everything connects with IoT system delivering as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions that helps business industries increase the speed of innovation and reduce their go-to-market cycle. With the growing need for data, companies face a shift towards a more connected world.  

IoT networks and devices help enterprises meet end-to-end security and scalability requirements which are the four key focus elements of most industries. IoT devices can process data and make decisions themselves as the companies move from Intelligent Cloud to Intelligent Edge Computing.

Business companies are utilizing operational intelligence and insights with time series management with the real potential of IoT. IoT connected devices are rapidly multiplying the network in demand. It is estimated that by 2020 the number is likely to reach 30-35 billion. Along with the increase in numbers, IoT networks are added with geographical insights to applications leveraging customers with significant services.

The advancement that made this possible have focused on API improvements, spatial math library, data-driven styling of layers, new data source and layering models, backward capabilities and support for geospatially right circles.

Business companies are on a mission to build and develop IoT networks and devices that will be a mission-critical asset in utilizing full transformational power. IoT has become an integral part of business industries furthering agility, adaptability, and scalability which brings ahead-of-the-curve services and products.   

To keep maintaining the effective running of IoT software and networks, the management of expanding IoT networks, are enabled with “plug and play” provisions of connected devices with zero-touch at scale. Repeated tasks can be performed with IoT devices error-free and efficiently in real-time helping business industries soar high in profits.

With the high demand and popularity of IoT devices and networks, companies can customize their business needs and purposes into three categories as; technology-driven, business-driven and strategy-driven. All these categories help in defining the multi-functional transformation initiative with IoT as a crucial enabler of empowerment in business industries.

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