Interoperability And Collaboration Across Engineering Value Chains
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Interoperability And Collaboration Across Engineering Value Chains

CIOReview | Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Collaboration is key to improving business processes, inside enterprises and across the value chains. Industry 4.0, BIM level 3, circular economy, integrated digital twins, IoT, bi-directional digital threads and openness are needed to support your products and assets from inception to decommissioning and remanufacturing! And yes, we did just write a lot of buzzwords into one sentence, but this is what Eurostep delivers based on our software ShareAspace.

Business is becoming more and more data-driven and based on integrated value chains. A structured and controlled way of sharing data can save millions and provide extensive mutual benefits to companies and their partners.

Secure technologies and industry-wide standards need to be implemented for business agility and intellectual property protection in value chains. Internal systems such as PLM, ERP, EAM, MRO, CMMS etc. are typically designed to support processes within a domain and not for secure collaboration. Modifying them leads to high costs, increased vendor lock-in and risk for the business. A new set of collaboration capabilities can deliver the interoperability needed and in fact also increase the value of existing investments in domain tools.