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Interset: Enhancing Security with AI

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Interset is an In-Q-Tel AI backed security analytics company that provides security teams proactive capabilities to counter attacks. Its threat detection platform is a self-learning one that can analyze digital footprints to zero down on prioritized threat leads. The company launched its latest version of software Interset 5.5 in January this year. This new roll-out caters to the rising trend of automating threat detection processes, particularly insider threats.

Mark Smialowicz, CEO at Interset commented automation to no longer be a luxury for security teams, and that it is s necessity.

"New AI techniques like unsupervised machine learning put control of critical data and systems back in the hands of security teams, enabling them to sift through massive amounts of big data and determine which threats are real and critical, not just noise. Demand for this functionality is fueling innovation and growth at Interset, demonstrated by our 450 percent growth in annual recurring revenue year-over-year.” (Source:

With over 350 machine learning and advanced analytics models at play, the Interset 5.5 is reported to be able to afford a comprehensive 360-degree view into an organization’s network to proactively, accurately, and automatically detect insider threats. This new version can give users more protection from data breaches and thefts. It comes with new threat analytics features based on expanded endpoint data log files and network event data.

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