Intigua Handles Tool Lifecycle: From Deployment till Troubleshooting and Upgrading

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NEWTON, MA: Intigua, the company that launched systems management-as- a-service has now come up with Intigua Power Tools that leverages purpose-built systems management container technology to instantly transform server management tools into fully automated services.

“Tool lifecycle management – from deployment and configurations to troubleshooting and upgrades – is time-consuming and complicated, and comes with a tremendous amount of friction. Intigua Power Tools addresses tool-lifecycle challenges,” says Shimon Hason, CEO, Intigua.

Intigua offers out-of-the-box solution for encapsulating agent-based or agentless backup, configuration or compliance tool controlled via a centralized, policy-driven engine, across physical, virtual and cloud environments. They help in simplifying and accelerating tool lifecycle management by orders or magnitude, reduce tool Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve server performance and security.

Intigua Power Tools is developed based on Intigua Enterprise, a virtual IT management platform that introduced systems management as-a-service. Power Tools is a set of individual products, pre-configured to encapsulate specific monitoring, backup, security, log analytics or configuration management products.

“Operating across hybrid environments, Intigua Power Tools may also simplify and accelerate enterprise cloud migrations projects, which often underestimate the complexity of migrating agent-based and agentless server tools,” states Paul Burns, President, Neovise, one of the customers of Intigua.

The service offers functionalities by accelerating tool deployments and upgrades. Power tools deploy and automatically register the tool agents on the server in one-click. It also uses automation to natively simplify troubleshooting and lifecycle management by identifying and fixing issues automatically. The service proactively prevents agents from over-consuming server resources that leads to degraded server performance or crash. The servers are now more secure with the self-healing power built into them.

Intigua Power tools are capable of enclosing any server management tool like AlertLogic, AppDynamics, Microsoft SCOM, Splunk, Symantec NetBackup, McAfee EPO, and many more. Any server management tool will be extended support based on customer request. IT organizations that need solution for more than one tool can choose ‘Intigua Enterprise’.