Introducing Ensono Managed VMware Cloud on AWS as the New Manager of Cloud Environment
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Introducing Ensono Managed VMware Cloud on AWS as the New Manager of Cloud Environment

By CIOReview | Friday, September 6, 2019
Oliver Presland, Vice President

Oliver Presland, Vice President

Ensono Managed VMware Cloud has decided to provide a managed service offering for VMware Cloud on AWS, which will support the clients in accelerating cloud adoption and migration, enhancing IT efficiency and modernizing their data center ambiance.

FREMONT, CA: Ensono, a hybrid IT solutions provider, recently declared that its clients would get managed services offerings for VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Solutions (AWS). The VMware Cloud was achieved by the company on AWS Solution Competency. VMware Cloud offers software-defined data center (SDDC) of VMware through the AWS Cloud, simultaneously enabling clients to operate apps throughout operationally stable VMware vSphere-based public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, and also the clients can have access to a wide array of AWS services.

Ensono enables the IT leaders to act as catalysts to bring in change and transform their business by using hybrid IT. With the assistance of intelligent governance platform, the company's vast solutions portfolio is modeled to aid the company's clients in later optimization. 

Ensono was featured as one of the 20 Most Promising AWS Solutions Providers 2017 in CIOReview. "The launch of Ensono Managed VMware Cloud on AWS is an exciting development for Ensono and its clients, as it provides additional opportunities for low-risk migration to the public cloud. More businesses are realizing the benefits of public cloud—from security to scalability to cost savings—along with cloud-specific capabilities," says Oliver Presland, Vice President - Global Product Management at Ensono. "However, the potential disruption and cost of the migration process stand in the way of rapid digital transformation. Through our new managed service offering with VMware Cloud on AWS, our clients can more swiftly execute on key digital transformation initiatives and start to embrace the benefits of a public cloud."

The clients through Ensono Managed VMware Cloud on AWS will be able to digitally transform at their own pace, thereby setting milestones for the future, while still leveraging present apps and public cloud services in sync. The new offering, by capitalizing on the comprehensive global footprint of VMware Cloud empowered AWS data centers, will also fulfill the customer's geographic requirements.

The public clouds allow the clients to achieve flexibility and pace to meet their business requirement as well as for accelerating innovation while aligning costs to business needs. Gradually, clients also realize the perks of integrating public clouds and can work consistently with on-premises infrastructure to take advantage of present teams, tools, skillsets, and processes.

VMware Cloud on AWS provides the clients with the opportunity to add value to the enterprise in the AWS cloud, simultaneously enhancing their VMware investments with zero requirements of purchasing new hardware or refactor applications.

Enterprise clients can work with allies like Ensono Managed VMware Cloud on AWS to be their trustworthy advisors as they make their way towards an evolving hybrid cloud model. Ensono leverages customers of industry and technical expertise to assist them in quick execution on the digital transformation initiatives by making use of VMware Cloud on AWS.

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