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Introducing Smart Data Centers: When AI Meets Storage

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In the near future, data centers will get artificial intelligence (AI)-driven management software to run their routine operations. Such AI-driven data centers will function without any fault and human interference. With the advent of automation, human operators can turn their focus into other functions of data centers to improve the overall performance.  

AI-powered data centers’ primary long-term objective is to enable IT managed services to function with zero downtime. The growing use of the internet of things (IoT) and AI will enable these data centers to solve their day-to-day issues automatically with a management software once it is deployed in the future. Voice technologies powered by AI will also help the operators to manage their data centers from any location including home, shop, or elsewhere.

A rapid rise in the number of smart sensors has helped operators in providing real-time information on the functioning of the AI-driven data centers. Such smart sensors can provide information to the operators on the potential technical issues, which could arise in the future and adversely impact the functioning of data centers.

There should be experiments with the new AI-backed software before its full deployment in the day-to-day activities of data centers. The data centers should remain cautious to handover the decision-making power to AI-driven software until the managers of the data centers confirm that AI takes the right decision every time. It is essential to provide much time to AI technology to learn and grow as any wrong decision by AI can cause the shutdown of an entire system which may cause unexpected heavy costs with reduced productivity.