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inVia Robotics Releases Robotic Goods to Person Solution for Warehouse Automation

By CIOReview | Monday, February 27, 2017

LOS ANGELES: inVia Robotics announced today the national availability of the inVia Dynamic Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), designed to transform the fulfillment and material handling operations of e-commerce retailers and fulfillment providers. This is the second such release from inVia Robotics in less than a year, focused on mobile robots in warehousing.

The inVia Dynamic AS/RS goods-to-person solution delivers existing totes, corrugated trays, and more directly to pickers, packers and replenishers, thereby eliminating human travel time and liability in warehouse aisles. This dynamic system integrates with existing operations, resulting in dramatically lower up-front costs. Totes, racks and the flow of goods can be easily modified at any time. The inVia RMS (Robot Management System) connects with any WMS and dynamically adjusts its behavior to maintain the highest units per hour in the industry, resulting in the lowest cost per pick and fastest ROI available in the market.

“We work closely with our customers to understand and provide solutions to the challenges they face. Increased consumer demand, labor shortages and tough competition have changed the industry drastically. Fixed automation solutions with high capital expenditures are no longer cutting it,” said Corwin Carson, Chief Revenue Officer at inVia.

Historically, building an AS/RS has been an expensive and time consuming construction project, without guaranteeing a timely ROI. The inVia Dynamic AS/RS offers a cost-effective picking solution that grows exponentially with a business, instead of requiring investment today for a peak throughput that could take 5 years. With inVia’s solutions, when the business outgrows or adds warehouses, they can bring their flexible robots with them.

This newly released system minimizes the non-value added labor walking between picks, at a fraction of the cost of competitors, thus enabling “any business to compete with the largest companies spending tens of millions on automation and robotics,” says Aaron Leon of LD products. Traditional goods to person solutions address this, but require an entire warehouse retrofit or even a new warehouse and tens of millions of dollars of capital.

The inVia Dynamic AS/RS can be purchased or leased with an innovative “Robots as a Service” pricing model.