Inviter Provides Video Email Platform to Enhance Marketing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Inviter, a tech startup, has redesigned its website allowing Enterprises to send video emails, making it a marketing centric platform. The video email-marketing platform will enable companies to boost their customer engagement and harness the power of video through emails.

Using Inviter’s updated website, enterprises can sign up and create video emails through a dashboard.  Enterprises can make business greetings, promotional video emails, thank you business greeting cards, video newsletters, and build brand ambassadors with video greetings, through the video email platform. The videos can be short scripted clips or live-streamed ones.

The video email platform allows customized backgrounds to enable businesses to be consistent with branding. The description section in the platform can be utilized for content and details where marketers can use keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).these videos can be shared over social media as well through the share button. Additionally, Inviter provides a static landing page to each page that serves as a backlink.

“Yes, video emails can bring CTR of up to 2-300 percent increase from the norm and increase the open rate by a minimum of 19 percent. But the power of Inviter goes beyond that. It easily integrates into a marketing strategy. There is a tremendous amount of emphasis on video. It (Inviter) really needs to be part of every marketer’s tool box if they plan to incorporate video as part of their marketing strategies,” says Andreea Cojocariu, Marketing Head, Inviter.