Invoice Processing Calculator Automates In-House Invoice Processing

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

DENVER, CO: The customized business process outsourcing (BPO) program designer, DDC Group has bonded with SouthDirekt, a web development firm to launch a new online business tool ‘Invoice Processing Calculator’ that furnishes finance and accounting decision-makers with deeper back office insight.

The product is useful to determine the operational costs paid for in-house invoice processing for enterprise of any size. The industry averages for hourly wage, paid taxes, paid vacation, personal/sick time, medical insurance and turnover expenses are consolidated into the calculator.

"This tool is for organizations looking to mitigate risks and create value within their administrative operations. Once they discover the price being paid for a task such as processing invoices, they can make smarter planning decisions for the future," states Madison Jordan, Vice President, Marketing, DDC Group.

The calculator is developed to complement DDC's Intelligent Capture for AP (Account Payable) solution, facilitating clients to save on cost and time spent on processing invoices in-house.

“During our partnership with DDC, I've personally seen the company's online customer relations improve exponentially. This tool launch comes at an exciting time. We continue to enhance DDC's web-based client support capabilities as DDC continues to strengthen its position as a premier business process solution provider,” says Jacob Burns, President of SouthDirekt.