IoMT Emerges as the Patient Care-Takers, See How
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IoMT Emerges as the Patient Care-Takers, See How

By CIOReview | Monday, June 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The technology is impressive and can revolutionize the healthcare industry, provide patients with better therapy and diagnosis, guarantee productivity and communication within medical centres, and provide tailored, personalized medicine. But what about the hazards, data privacy and safety, and private patient data hazards? Do the costs outweigh the advantages? With IoT becoming established in contemporary life, is Internet of Medical Things(IoMT) the healthcare future? According to a study, about 3.7 million medical devices are linked the monitor to various areas of the body. One of the other reports shows that by 2021 the IoT healthcare industry will increase to new heights and is anticipated to achieve up to $136.8 billion.

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There has been massive uptake in the availability of accessible, affordable diagnostic technology, particularly in the form of wearables. The availability of remote diagnostic tools can only enhance the speed and reliability of diagnoses, whether in the control of professionals or individuals. Diagnostic data can allow the patient to meet medical plans customized to reflect changes in their situation and allow self-management, preventing admissions to hospitals. Without the moment and trouble of traditional meetings, information obtained from intelligent monitors can inform medical management. A phone call or online consultation can be sufficient to guide particular patient care with patient findings such as blood pressure and heart rate and rhythm accessible to clinicians in real time.

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With higher personal control over the information collected by remote diagnostic systems, the job of the healthcare professional is set to shift from a control position, the bearer of arcane professional expertise, to that of a consulting specialist in a much more balanced patient relationship. The IoT and the wealth of internet information imply that the patient is controlled not only by data collected from their bodies but also by the expertise required to interpret their results.

True that IoMT provides the healthcare industry with a boon, but there are also several difficulties. Overall, IoMT has excellent potential for transforming the healthcare industry, when employed appropriately. 

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