IONU Security Upgrades Data-Centric Security with Data Isolation and Encryption

By CIOReview | Monday, August 10, 2015

LONGMONT, CO: IONU Security that protects critical, distributed information wherever it resides or travels, announces the launch of Data-Centric Security Platform that blocks hackers and unauthorized users. The patented security solution protects data at all times and is accessible from anywhere without the need for plug-ins, proxies, gateways or any changes in user behavior.

A suite of secure application allow users to communicate, share and store protected data. IONU creates data isolation which separates and secures data from the outside world, including any third party cloud application such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Additionally the also protects sensitive data residing on or travelling from mobile devices within and outside firewall.

With the new key management technology, no single entity carries sufficient information for encryption. A combination of proprietary technologies ensures only registered and authenticated users for secure access and edits making the data virtually immune to data leakage and compromise.

Overcoming the failings of the traditional security, IONU delivers secure information protection via transparent encryption and data isolation which defends the data from advance malware attack or an insider attack.

 "We built our platform from the ground up to let data flow freely and securely, anywhere it needs to travel or reside, so businesses can take full advantage of the cloud, mobility and existing workflows across their entire business ecosystem. All the underlying encryption required to protect data happens ubiquitously, behind the scenes, so that the user barely even knows it's there," says Dave Bennett, CTO of IONU Security.