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IoT: A boon for Hospitals and Healthcare

By CIOReview | Monday, May 6, 2019

With advancements in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, there is an underlying need to interconnect various endpoints. This is where IoT solutions come into the picture. Every industry today is deploying IoT solutions across their multiple business operations, and the hospitals and healthcare is a sector where it can be leveraged the most, both for its effectiveness and the value that it promises to bring along.

Some of the benefits that IoT brings to the table:

Reduces Manpower

With the use of IoT devices, patients can access their records through a portal and can get better prepared for the treatment procedure.

The implementation of IoT-based services saves money as well as time. The interconnected devices can result in the elimination of certain chores like using a sensor-integrated wheelchair that can be operated by the patient, which otherwise, would have required a staff.  It allows doctors and nurses to focus on extreme or complex cases. It also provides them enough time to rest and concentrate better. It reduces the burden on the resources and facilities required for the scores of patients.

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Improves Healthcare experience

Most of the patients complain about the mismanagement and unsatisfactory attention given to them by the hospital staffs. IoT devices address these problems by reducing the recurring healthcare visits, as the patients could be better informed through a centralized portal. Equipping the patients with instant updates about the drugs and future treatment plans, IoT devices make the patients feel empowered. Healthcare organizations are also developing apps that can connect with other devices and help the doctors to study CT scans, monitor heart rates, and examine other activities of patients.

Develops Standardized Processes

IoT solutions will nullify the number of inconclusive tests that are often costly. The improved data flow and automation help in bringing out the standardization of processes. It minimizes the overhead costs required in specific cases. Usage of standardized systems means less human errors and better accountability.

IoT solution in healthcare services enhances the system’s efficiency and significantly keeps the operational costs in check. Lesser costs enable a larger group of people to benefit from healthcare services. IoT will continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry, delivering improved patient care.

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