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IoT and Data Analytics Strengthening Public Safety

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As devices get smarter, the data associated with those devices get larger too. With the increasing number of smart peripherals, it has become easier to collect data that regulatory bodies such as government organizations and law enforcing bodies can use to administer safety procedures for the benefit of the citizens. These data sets could be as simple as traffic information or as vital as security surveillance. With the added advantage of powerful cloud computation and IoT configurations, monitoring a given environment is easier than ever before.

As public safety gains greater significance, automated enforcing protocols prove to be extremely beneficial to safeguard the masses. IoT ecosystems comprising of CCTV surveillance, RFID terminals, crowd control fixtures, and automated traffic lights are few of the smart peripherals that not only ease the lifestyle of individuals but also address the safety concerns. Police personnel armed with fleets of emergency response vehicles and rapid action forces with live tracking features play a vital role in resolving most of the crisis situations. These connected devices communicate with each other, allowing the operators to mitigate risks in accordance with the governing protocols of that region. When a fire alarm is triggered at one of the residences, rapid action forces, the fire department, and nearby hospitals are alarmed about the situation, in turn, enabling them to take necessary measures. The IoT ecosystem constituted by the smart peripherals simplifies the duties of safety enforcers while also enhancing their productivity and the efficiencies of the operations followed.

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