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IoT and Increasing Business Value

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 25, 2019

A huge number of gadgets are currently connected to the internet. Even the internet also drives our household goods. The concept of' Internet of Things (IoT)' is also rapidly advancing, extending horizons for various industries such as the automotive industry, transportation, healthcare and much more. IoT can definitely increase a business' productivity and efficiency. The IoT market will be around $520 billion by 2021, according to Bain & Company. Several studies show that the number of devices is increasing daily and becoming part of the network.  As a result, demand for IoT is increasing and it becomes a crucial part of our lives. With less effort, it can do amazing things.

A Forbes survey predicts that 87 percent of healthcare companies will opt for IoT in their business operations by the end of 2019. The Smart Hospitals can use the Hospital Management System to improve people's well-being through regularized and monitored health check-ups, rapid consultations, prescribing proper medicines and drugs, booking doctor appointments, better and more efficient patient understanding, tracking their medical history, and many more. In all of 2019, such clinics will be in constant demand to coordinate with patients and realize their requests.

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Cloud solutions for IoT devices are becoming increasingly popular. The best clouds for IoT product development are Microsoft Azure and Amazons AWS. Based on the demand for new IoT devices released, these two popular companies are providing better infrastructure and accessibility. Microsoft declared the possibility of secure communication with its New Azure IoT Central Platform between devices and the cloud. Software plug and play solution to combine IoT firmware and cloud is the important thing. The Microsoft Azure platform fills it up. Microsoft is continuously supporting IoT's future.

The first consumer-ready 5G networks, which could function up to 20 times faster than current mobile data networks, should be switched on this year. 

For years, IoT has been a buzzword, but expect the buzz to become even more buzzing in 2019. Vendors for these solutions will focus more on enterprise solutions and results, thus facilitating their growth.

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