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IoT: 'As-a-Service' in the Future

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The right strategy to apply the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) will open up a new horizon of pervasive sensing, interconnected devices, sharing services, promoting better communication and collaboration between people and things. It's not the future; in a distributed and dynamic infrastructure it's the here and now. IoT can also deliver powerful processing and automated real-time decision-making. This merging not only allowed new innovative applications to be developed, but it also has a real impact on brick and mortar businesses; delivering an intelligent and more connected experience with all aspects of life. The IoT is becoming so omnipresent that ABI Research predicts that the world will have over 30 billion IP-connected devices and sensors by 2020.

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The IoT market's rapid evolution has resulted in an explosion in the sheer number of IoT solutions. IoT start-ups are also deploying large amounts of funding. As a result, the industry's focus was on manufacturing the right hardware types to enable such solutions. Most IoT solution providers built all stack components in that model, from hardware devices to relevant cloud services or solutions. As a consequence, the various IoT solutions use a lack of consistency and standards across the cloud services. As the industry develops, it is becoming more pertinent to need standard models to perform common IoT backend tasks such as processing, storage, and firmware updates. In this new design, IoT strategies work with common backend services to make sure interoperability, portability, and manageability is achieved, where with current IoT solutions that is almost impossible to achieve.The new generation of platforms is about to evolve that allow backend capabilities for IoT solutions. 

The IoT movement is underway, according to the 6th Annual Digital IQ survey by PwC of nearly 1,500 business and technology executives. Maybe one day, the world will see the "IoT as a Service" technology being provided and used in the same manner as other "service" technologies. IoT has rendered people's lives straightforward, very comfortable. While increased use of IoT, on the other side, has also boosted security and safety treatment. Users must be careful to keep the data safe and protected while giving the details on the Internet platform.

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